Format : A5 / 128 coloured pages
Publisher : edition PAUMES Japan
Author : PAUMES
Language : Japanese
Edition Paumes turns its attention to Belgium for the very first time!

17 creative families in Brussels, Anvers and Namur open the front door to their home sweet home. Like Alice taking a peek into a new world, Paumes opens the door to a wealth of creativity, expressed through joyful interiors, full of humour and individuality.

Here, vintage and design hold hands with a smile - no one knows better than the Belgians how to hunt down a vintage treasure or to value their contemporary designers and architects. The result is a happy 'mélange' of old and new, with fresh colours and new forms, framed by faded vintage tones and poignant historic references.

To bring life to their portrait, each family invites you to join them in their favourite family activity - dressing up, jamming on the guitar, circus tricks and lots, lots more.....
Paris Family Style
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