Finland Yum-Yum Kitchens

PAUMES has visited the homes of many artisits and designers. At times we found they had wonderful green fingers! Small balconies, terraces, allotment gardens with little cottages, an extensive garden like a forest (not very common!)… many types of gardens. We were fascinated by their wonderful gardens. All gardeners gave us inspirations for DIY and the ways of enjoying everyday life with nature as well. That would be lovely if we could spend such a time with greens and flowers. Please enjoy beautiful photographs and a source of DIY!

Format : B 6 / 96 coloured pages
Publisher : édition PAUMES, Japan
Author : PAUMES
Language : Japanese
パリのガーデニング 北欧と英国のアーティストたちの庭
北欧と英国のアーティストたちの庭 北欧と英国のアーティストたちの庭
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