Mum's Favourite Recipe.Paris.
Format : A5 / 128 coloured pages
Publisher : edition PAUMES Japan
Author : PAUMES
Language : Japanese
In France, cooking is a family affair! Culinary delights waiting to be discovered from the tenderest of age and greedily savoured every day of the week! It’s such childhood memories that linger long into to adulthood... Take a trip down memory lane and discover once again those so very special Sunday lunches, afternoon teas and midnight feasts. Not forgetting Nan’s scones or Mum’s apple crumble! As we shall see, every Mum has her own secret family recipe…
In Mum’s Favourite Recipe, Paris we bring together some of Paris’ most creative mothers, who share their favourite recipes, sometimes kept secret for generations! The recipes are often simple and easy to make, but, most of all, they are full of family history, culture and those special moments between mother and child.
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