Paris Family Style
Parisian families, artists and designers have opened their front door and invited us in. An introduction to the kids (from 1 child to 5!), a tour of the home and a glimpse of family's everyday - their loves, their laughs and their favourite pass-times. Paris Family Style is a poetic illustration of the tenderness, joy and inventiveness of the lives of 21 creative Parisian families, photographed at home doing their favourite activity together (gardening, jamming on the guitar, DIY, monopoly...).
Beyond the family portraits are the interiors of their wonderfully creative homes, each with a personality of its own, painting a picture of the family who lives there. From the pure and simple to the boldly graphic, from the vibrantly colourful to flea-market chic, from the enchantingly romantic to cool, contemporary design... Bienvenue à la maison!
Format : A5 / 128 coloured pages
Publisher : edition PAUMES Japan
Author : PAUMES
Language : Japanese
Belgium Family Style London Family Style
ようこそパリの子ども部屋 パリのママンのおうちレシピ
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