Kids' Interior in Paris

Marimekko is an iconic design house with countless of wonderful prints. It is one of the most famous Finnish houses in Japan. When visiting Finnish homes, we could always find women, men and children using Marimekko products, like clothes, bags, tableware and so on. Marimekko blended in with the everyday life of Finns naturally, like the sun, the sea and the forest. Our interest in Marimekko grew and grew by each visit.

This time Paumes knocked at the doors of Marimekko designers. We visited six lovely homes and seven creative studios where you can find designers’ inspiration for their creations as well as plenty of nice ideas for interior decor.
We also visited Marimekko company, factory and the stores in Helsinki. It was an amazing experience for us to see the printing plant working. It was also lot of fun to take a glance at the offices, showrooms and the Marimekko canteen.

Come with us and let's go for a journey into the world of Marimekko!!
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