Paris Sweets
Paris Sweets
Paris is the capital of gastronomy. PAUMES has visited many pâtisseries in Paris, and found many beautiful and delicious sweets. For this new book, PAUMES selected and arranged sweets by theme, such as pâtisseries, gâteaux & biscuits, macarons, chocolats, confiseries, and viennoiseries. As well focus on shop decorations and gift wrapping! When you want to try those sweets, the list of shop addresses is at the end of the book.
Each sweets has fresh and creative ideas by artisan pâtissiers. This book would be exactly "sweets for the eye".
Format : 170x150mm / 112 coloured pages
Publisher : édition PAUMES, Japan
Author : PAUMES
Language : Japanese
パリでおいしいお茶時間 パリのお菓子屋さん
パリのおいしいおみやげ屋さん パリのチョコレート屋さん
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