Paris 50

Yumi Kitagishi is a Tokyo-based illustrator. Beautiful harmony of colors and hand-drawing style are strikingly attractive on her artworks. She often draws lovely characters like cats, owls, rabbits, girls with bobbed hair etc… One sheet of illustration has plenty of stories from her imaginative world, and it looks just like a picture book.
She keeps to draw an illustration with date everyday and to post it on her Instagram. It has been receiving a lot of attention now. This book is the collection of her illustrations for 366 days. You will enjoy this book as a picture book or as a calendar. Everyday is someone’s special day, please enjoy one“small story” per a day!

Format : B6 / 192 pages
Retail price : 1,600 yen
Publisher : édition PAUMES, Japan
Author : Yumi Kitagishi
Language : Japanese
Copyright PAUMES. All rights reserved.