Author : Kei Yamazaki
Format : 148×210mm / 24 coloured pages
Price : 1,200yen
Supervise, Design and Publishing : édition PAUMES
Languages : Japanese and English
Kei Yamazaki
Am Graphic designer of édition PAUMES, and I also started producing my own work on " EMPAPURA PLUS " since 2013. You can check my breakfast photos on EMPAPURA PLUS blog and Instagram.
EMPAPULA PLUS…www.empapura.com

Making breakfast, taking photographs, eat it, and go to the work… Kei Yamazaki spend her morning time doing like that. That's a simplest thing, but we can't do it everyday, actually. She is posting photos of her brekfast on Instagram from 2012, and she has gained more than 300,000 followers now.

" I MAKE BREAKFAST " is the collection of photographs of Kei's exquisite morning meals. The hand writing menu by Kei has become the accent of the page design.

This ZINE is likely to smell the coffee aroma rising from the photos. It might be given the great inspiration for your morning time.

Hi, Kei! When I see the photos of " I MAKE BREAKFAST ", I imagined those tastes of your meals and I felt quite starving!!
How did you select your photos for it?

I am often considered to have lots of kinds of food in the refrigerator by my followers at Instagram. But, please have a good look, I frequently cook using same vegetables and fruits.

So, I selected and arranged the photos on the two facing pages to have something in common with each other for this Zine. On this website you can see one spread page for spinach soup and bread, and another one for buckwheat crepe.

So, you intend to donate your proceeds from this ZINE to TABLE FOR TWO…

Through EMPAPURA PLUS, I produce the banana paper products and transmit the information about Africa and fair trade etc. I wanted to make this ZINE to lead to that activity, it's not for my satisfaction of making it to publish.

I have been to the school in Uganda and heard about their situation. I think there is meaning in this ZINE if my breakfast would be linked with the school meals for children in Africa and Asia. So, I decided to donate my proceeds 40 yen per one copy to TABLE FOR TWO. 20 yen would bring one school meal.

What is the important thing for making breakfast for you?

Don't overdo it, I am always making breakfast within limited things. For example, it's not good to wake up really early and to do nothing for other housework, neither the family budget is in the red for buying expensive foods. I enjoy making breakfast of my preference within limited time and limited foods.

I don't press myself when I don't feel like making breakfast. I just enjoy making breakfast !